YAMT - History


2000/03/02 14:03:

  • YAMT-0.4 RPMs released.
    RPMs for yamt-0.4 are available.
    If you are curious you can also check out yamt-dev-0.5.tar.gz.

2000/02/17 15:30:

  • Japanese translation available
    Toshiaki Kanosue added a japanese translation for yamt. [...]

2000/02/15 18:20:

  • YAMT-0.4 released.
    Please check it out and tell me your opinion.(NEWS)
    (RPMs are not yet availabel, please be patient for a few days)

2000/01/30 18:08:

  • YAMT-dev-0.4 released.
    This is a development version and maybe even more buggy than the others. If you want to try it out get it here.

2000/01/29 18:08:

2000/01/23 19:08:11:

  • PLEASE READ THIS: The mass tagging feature is really a mass tagging feature!
    It adds a TAG to every file in the selected directory, so make sure that it contains only real mp3s!
    Sorry for this bug, but I don't have other files (even no playlists) in my directories.
    The next version will of course add some security checks!
  • Jerome Couderc added a french translation for yamt. You can get it here.
    To use it follow these steps:

    1. Unpack the sources with "tar xfvz yamt-0.3.tar.gz"

    2. move the file fr.po to yamt-0.3/po/

    3. Change line 20 of configure.in to

    ALL_LINGUAS="de fr"

    4. Follow the normal steps in the INSTALL file

2000/01/20 14:06:23:

  • YAMT-0.3 released for more information read the NEWS-File or the more detailed ChangeLog

2000/01/11 13:34:22:

  • Added some (bug) notes for yamt-0.2

2000/01/09 14:24:33:

  • Added a (bug) note for yamt-0.2

2000/01/08 22:14:23:

  • YAMT-0.2 released for more information read the ChangeLog
  • Removed the features section

2000/01/03 20:29:16:

  • Added binary RPM.
  • Added the news and features section

2000/01/02 21:09:21:

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